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Bathroom Drawerline (Dummy) Corner Base Unit – Le Mans

From: £294.00

Carcass Colour

Black, Graphite, Brown Avola, Indigo, Dust Grey, Dark Walnut, Light Walnut, Dark Oak, Lancaster Oak, Beech, Light Oak, Maple, Stone Grey, Dakar, Denim, Fjord, Cashmere, Light Grey, Porcelain, Creama, Alabaster, White

Door Colour

Black Gloss, Anthracite Gloss, Black Matt, Graphite Gloss, Dust Grey Gloss, Cashmere Gloss, Marine Blue Supermatt, Heritage Green Supermatt, Stone Grey Gloss, Dakar Gloss, Graphite Supermatt, Dust Grey Supermatt, Stone Grey Supermatt, Graphite Matt, Stone Grey Matt, Dakar Supermatt, Dark Concrete, Dakar Matt, Pebble Supermatt, Woodgrain Marine Blue, Melinga Oak, Dark Walnut, Woodgrain Graphite, Dust Grey Matt, Fjord Matt, Cashmere Supermatt, Light Concrete, Silver Gloss, Light Grey Gloss, Light Grey Matt, Light Grey Supermatt, Woodgrain Dust Grey, Light Walnut, Pippy Oak, Driftwood, Terra, Beech, Maple, Mussel Gloss, Mussel Matt, Cashmere Matt, Taupe Grey Supermatt, Ivory Gloss, White Gloss, Ivory Matt, White Matt, Winchester Oak, Woodgrain Stone Grey, Woodgrain Cashmere, Woodgrain Dakar, Woodgrain Light Grey, Woodgrain Mussel, Woodgrain Ivory, Woodgrain White, Denim Gloss, Denim Supermatt, Kobe Supermatt, Denim Matt

Carcass Depth

300mm (Standard), 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm

Corner Base Size

200mm Door (540mm Unit Width), 250mm Door (590mm Unit Width), 300mm Door (640mm Unit Width), 350mm Door (690mm Unit Width), 400mm Door (740mm Unit Width)


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